Eclair Seaetto

Se tornar senhor
Eclair Seaetto
Nome: Eclair Seaetto
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Country: Melromarc: Castle Town
Occupation: Knight
Weapon: Sword

Ecalir Seatto is a Knight of Melromarc and also happens to be the daughter of Seaetto, the Queen's right-hand man and is in charge of the Demihuman protected village.

Eclair is one of the few people in Melromarc, who do not discriminate against demi-humans. She would question Naofumi's methods, such as how he extorted from bandits, which became ironic later as she did the same thing. She is a noble person in belief and a staunch in her ideal belief until it was shaken by the incidents.

Naofumi requested trainers to help the heroes to improve their skill. She was asked to act as a martial arts instructor for Naofumi's slaves in Rock Valley to prepare for the next wave. She along with other experts helped to improve the skill of Naofumi's party.

Ren looked down on her skill thinking that because he was a hero and a higher level than her she had nothing to teach him and he stated as much in response to his statement and to prove him wrong she challenged him to a duel. during the duel using pure skill Eclair began to push Ren back which upset him and because of this, he used a skill which was in violation of the rules of the duel. Though he technically beat her, because he broke the rules and by his own admission(after the queen called him out on it) he had lost the fight.

She then took on the responsibility of capturing Ren who was under the influence of his curse series by using her Hengen Musou techniques she had recently learned.

(Source: Shield-Hero Wikia)