Solo Leveling review

Apr 17, 2021
Solo Leveling is a super enjoyable read, one of the best manhwa i've read. If you're a fan of OP MC stomping people this series is definitely for you, but that isn't all, something about this series is quite different and it always brings you the hype for each chapter.

Story 8/10
At first you might be skeptical about it, expecially if you followed shounen genre or series like One Punch Man and Overlord. The story is nothing revolutionary, but overall it's still very solid and enjoyable... this is your classic "from zero to hero" but with the skillset very similar to the "player" in RPG game, if you followed another manhwa "The Gamer" you'll feel extremely familiar with this series.

Art 10/10
One of the best aspect of this series, the art is so beautiful and looks very cool, everything (the fights, the expression, the characters) are so well drawn.... props to the artist for this.

Character 7/10
Honestly i don't find most characters are super appealing aside from the MC, some characters might feel reasonable and relatable but surprisingly i didn't find anyone outshine or in the same place as the MC. I only read the manhwa so far this might change later on, but overall it's an ok from me.

Enjoyment 9/10
Every chapter is hype, the author did a good job to cut the parts where you feel "wow, so cool" or you can't wait for the next one. Some of readers might unable to see the hype as i agree that the story is quite cliche, but hey even Kimetsu No Yaiba and BNHA are very cliche but people are still enjoying it, this manhwa gives the same vibe.

Overall 9/10
I can understand the hype around this series, this series delivers well... it isn't your harem art online or incest OP series, overall it's a good read, you should also tried it, definitely have a chance to compete with another Japanese shounen mangas.


Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
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