Solo Leveling review

Apr 17, 2021
this manhwa is my reason of life, no cap.
10/10 manhwa
i stayed up all night to read it
I was so preoccupied i forgot I even existed
this manhwa is so addictive
i cant stop thinking about it
everything about solo leveling is so good

the characters are great, ESPECIALLY the mc
I love this mc
who cares if he's op
that's the point
he's sooooo cool
and hot ;)
but lordy lord lord he's just so amazing even tho he's supposed to be so engrossed in becoming a hunter that he doesn't realise other ppls feelings for him n stuff but that's interesting to read too

the art !!!!
the art is so good
that smile that the stone statue makes IS SO CREEPY
the art is perfect

the story is so great idk what else I need to say to emphasise it.

there's this one arc where ants mutate and stuff and it reminds me a lot of hxh chimera ant arc and I'm ngl the hxh arc is better but its also more important in hxh, in here it was kinda shortish but I thought it was done well.
My friend got mad at me though for saying hxh chimera ant arc did the whole mutant ant thing better.



Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
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