Akatsuki no Yona review

Apr 16, 2021
I've spent a whole day just reading this manga and while for the first 70/80 chapters I really loved this manga. The artwork is just beautiful 10/10.
But it's one sin making Hak/Yona romance basically the center point from 130 onward. It should have been a slow romance and rushing into it just ruined the story for me.

Strong character development, each character has it's own personality and role within the story. Yoon (the mother), Kija (goody goody), Blue Dragon (introvert), Green Dragon (rebel, playboy), Hak (sardonic lover boy), Yellow Dragon (positivity) and Yona ( a sheltered princess who comes to understand the reality of her fathers reign and tries to change it for the better).
I love the whole dynamic of Hak/ Yona and Su Won. The backstory of their childhood growing up together. The betrayal and how it effects both of them.

And how each time they add a character we get to see their point of view and love them, how they fit into the little family. I hate how later down the track they add too many characters and it becomes too confusing too follow.

I love the friendship between Hak and Jae ha, the Green Dragon especially especially you can tell he trusts him with his true feelings.
Just the way certain characters interact together is enjoyable. I won't bother reading anymore chapters though.

Gives me the last airbender vibes.
Inverse harem too.


Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
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