Bleach review

Apr 04, 2021
Now I'm not going to be doing a review about the entirety of the bleach manga, just a certain part. That part in particular is the thousand war blood war arc. To me every page of this saga was an absolute masterpiece. I'll try my best to not give any spoilers seeing as it'll be over a whole year until it's animated.

This saga starts off a bit slow in the first volume and doesn't really look that good. But Jesus Christ does it pick up...and quick too. By the second volume everything goes up to a hundred. A full on war in the soul society. The main enemies this time, the quincies. A group of hollow slayers that were mortal enemies to the soul reapers. They battled many years ago, but lost and were thought to be all slaughtered.

Unfortunately for the soul reapers though, they were just in hiding. They quickly reer their heads and show that they are a serious threat. I mean these guys are lettered from A to Z and have all sorts of crazy powers. One guy has flames, one has lightning, one even zombies. These guys have the deck absolutely stacked against the soul reapers. And you can really see that these foes drive them to their limit.

And if your like me and love the captains (and who doesn't) you'll see them in plenty of great battles. Battles that see them pulling out things like never before. Some of them even have to battle multiple times to defend their home. And you'll also see many welcome returns to the story, buy I don't wanna spoil that. Personally the characters this time around go through personal things that will truly change their lives forever. At the time of me reading this, the saga hadn't been announced yet to be animated. So there was no way I could've just waited on a miracle to happen; I made it my mission to buy every volume and finish bleach the way it was intended to be.

All in all this saga was amazing, surpassing everything that I had hoped for it. Many things happen, changes in both life and the world they live in. It's safe to say that the bleach world will never be the same again. And if your like me and can't wait for a year, then you should definitely give this a read...I guarantee that it'll change you. "BANKAII!!!!"



Autor Kubo, Tite