Sherlock review

Apr 14, 2021
Sherlock, is a Sherlock Holmes Story revisited by Kwon Gyo-Jung.
When you start reading this manga, you have to know two things: do not expect an extraordinary investigation by Sherlock, and do not expect something which will look like the original work.
And that's the point why this manhwa is interesting.

Indeed, I found this manhwa refreshing.

First volume:
We take the game, the plot, and we appreciate the tab that gives Kyo- jung Kwon to the Sherlock Holmes history , based primarily on the relationship between Holmes and Watson.
Moreover, the drawings are nice , frames and decorations are very neat .
It is relatively dared to say that the drawings are not beautiful .
Besides it reads smoothly , and I recommend fans to take a look , still worth a visit and diserved to be known.

Second volume:
Excellent book, it fits perfectly into the plot, and we are extremely eager to learn more about our detectives .
Only , what dismay when I learned that there would NEVER away! That a end would never exist! ( While this second volume announces one ...) It's so frustrating !!
The author laid a good foundation, and we are asking for more !

I am relatively disappointed and sad to know that it will end the manhwa .
It's such a shame

To conclude, I recommend to everybody, even Sherlock Holmes fan, to read it. Even if this manhwa is an unfinished work, it diserves to be known.


Autor Jay.