Yumekuri review

Apr 05, 2021
I've never left a review before but decided to after seeing there was only one other review for this.

I decided to check out Yumekuri because I really liked the art, and I kept reading it for the hint of potential romance. I'm surprised slice of life isn't one of the genres this manga is listed under as that's what it mainly is, with a few fan service panels.

The story wasn't particularly interesting but the characters and art were good enough for me to read it through to the end.

As for the romance there are maybe ten pages devoted on building the relationship between the mc and main girl for every ten chapters, so it's really slow, but then then last five chapters are completely devoted to their relationship.

Overall, this is a worthwhile read if you want a nice slice of life and I can tell the author put a lot of love into making this manga so I'd give it a 9 despite its shortcomings in terms of story.


Autor Hiro