To Heart review

Apr 07, 2021
One of the cutest manga I've ever read.


Though it's a bit cliched (the whole unrequited childhood friend high school love aspect) there's plenty else to enjoy. It's a comedy after all. I think the story serves to bring out the characters more, which makes more sense in this kind of manga, as it's more of a romantic story than anything ground breaking.

It also seems like a harem manga, yet I have mixed thoughts about this. On one hand there are a ton of female characters, but on the other they aren't exploited too much to much to make things uncomfortable and the story's mostly told from a female's perspective.


Everything is drawn so cute. Really. It doesn't seem like the characters are in high school based on the art style, yet even this is a appropriate for the manga. No complaints about their childish looks though!


All of the characters have little idiosyncrasies which makes them even more endearing. Most of them have their own story attached to them, which serves to make each of them a little more dynamic than first expected. There's the ditzy girls and the mysterious girls and the instigator, your typical high school bunch.


The best word to describe this manga would be "cute". Everything from the characters to the art are drawn out in a very endearing way. It's quite simply a comedy with a ton of ditzy characters and awkward situations and very enjoyable because of these qualities.


To Heart
To Heart
Autor Aquaplus