Agravity Boys review

Apr 09, 2021
Imagine arriving on a new planet as humanity's last hope, with only four boys left and no female in sight, the future looks grim. However, suddenly a higher being presents them a potion that can convert one of them into a girl. Through careful judgment and observation, they start... arguing who'd be the better girl?!
Agravity Boys focuses on our four astronauts boys as they embark on comedic, wacky, and joy-filled adventures around the galaxy. Finding themselves in humorous situations that'll surprise you while giving plenty of laughs.

Story (8)
The story is typically condensed down into an episodic format about funny perils the boys have gotten into. At the same time, it still provides an objective and a sense of direction within their explorations. Alongside, making great callbacks in previous chapters. Thus, emphasizing the importance of each chapter and their credibility.

Art (9)
Adding onto the already funny premise, the art elevates each character's reaction given their situation which provides a clear sense of how these characters are feeling while making it even more amusing. Their planet, Alpha Jumbro, also is depicted well with full panel scenery of their surroundings. Additionally, this aids in world-building, making the planet feel more alive.

Character (8)
Geralt, Baba, Saga, and Chris characters play off one another to build a dynamic that feels genuine, and at times almost feels like you're apart of their adventures. Also, their whimsical thought process makes each of them evermore unique.

Enjoyment (10)
The comedic story within each chapter with the scattered jokes has always made me laugh. I occasionally remember scenes from the manga and it makes me smile at how goofy but enjoyable they are. Furthermore, my enjoyment also stems from discussing each chapter with my friends and finding similarities between us and the Agravity boys crew.

Overall (9)
Agravity Boys is a charming series that I love to see continue in the future. I'd highly recommend this if you're into comedy or just a fun adventure about some loveable idiots. I consistently find myself throughout the 27 chapters published so far that I'm enjoying the entertaining story that the Nakamura, Atsushi has provided to the extent where I'd say it's outstanding!


Agravity Boys
Agravity Boys
Autor Nakamura, Atsushi