Hitomi wo Sorasazu ni Ite review

Apr 14, 2021
The book cover doesn't do justice to the book at all. I kind of rejected it when it was first recommended because it looked aged and boring. Even with the brief summary given, I wasn't too impressed.

Suprisingly, the development of the story is good. It's doesn't just dive straight into the love story like how most shoujo would go. Instead it concentrates on friendship (so far into 3rd volume).

The story is heartwarming, touching and somehow makes me want to read on.

Usually i would skip pages to get to the juicy part but with this manga, the opposite happened. i didn't want to miss out anything! It's like i have to read between the lines/expression/body language of the charaters to get what is the hidden message/meaning!

The art work may not look impressive but if you look carefully, it's quite well drawn. Also, my friend who recommended it said that with each volume (as they age) you can see how the characters grow up (literally).

I'm suprised it's not even in the manga data base. This is something that people shouldn't miss out on.


Hitomi wo Sorasazu ni Ite
Hitomi wo Sorasazu ni Ite
Autor Nekoyama, Miyao