One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021

Story - Spoiler alerts - (8 out of 10)

The story revolves on an unemployed man who became an unknown undefeatable superhero who has been saving the cities from dangerous atrocities done by evil monsters or humans. This superhero was called Saitama. Three years ago, on his way home, he met a dangerous crab monster after being rejected by a job interview, the crab monster spared Saitama's life after recognizing lifeless eyes of Saitama. In fact, Saitama wasn't the Crab monster's target, it was a cleft-chin boy who drew nipples on his chest.  Saitama, after saving a cleft-chin child, realized that his dream was to become a hero not a job-hunter. In fact, that was his childhood dream career.

After intensive training for 3 years, Saitama has become an overpowered hero who wins battles with merely one punch. Saitama's overpower made him bored and made his fights unenjoyable.

Art (10 out of 10)

The art of OPM is mesmerizing and most of the characters are definitely charming and has matured looks, especially our heroes and some of our villains.

Yusuke Murata's art of one punch man is so attractive, aesthetic, natural, pure & eye-catchy.  I respect him & love his art.

Character - Some spoiler alerts - ( 10 out of 10 )

Saitama: A 25 years old man with funny bored-look on his face who looks nice when serious and look good with hair. He was an unemployed man who became our overpowered placid unknown superhero after hard conventional training for 3 years without taking days off. He speaks less, dislikes it when people are talkative & is not serious during fights and that makes his enemies furious due to his careless actions. (I love him, he is funny and comedian.)

Saitama achieved his dream by becoming a superhero but lost enjoyment of battles.

Genos: A 19 years old cyborg, S-class hero of 17th rank & an ultimate loyal disciple of Saitama. His goal is to destroy the cyborg that destroyed his city and killed his people. He is loyal and looks up at Saitama with respect after being saved by Saitama & witnessing Saitama's power and using it for justice. He is quite talkative and is always serious.

My comment: I suggest you to read it's manga and to watch it's anime. It's worth watching and reading.. and you might like it. You have to give it a try first instead of judging it because of how overpowered is Saitama.

This is my first review and it's not that good. Forgive my grammar errors & errors regarding any line or repetition. I hope I get better in reviewing manga in the near future.

(Although I am currently enjoying the manga, I will still omit the enjoyment and overall parts for now because I am in chapter 12.)


One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Autor Murata, Yusuke