Variante review

Apr 05, 2021
Alright, i think i will write a review for this since no one has written one yet, so here goes.

Variante is a horror sci-fi manga that all horror manga lovers will want to read(though i personally just read it because it involved a cute girl, lol). It involves a normal 16 year old girl whose life is thrown into chaos as one day her family is attacked by a mysterious monster. Her parents are killed but she somehow manages to survive the attack...even though she had apparently died from it.

Story: 9/10
Despite the gorge and bloody content that is in this manga, it still manages to get a great story to be told to go along with the horror content. The majority of the manga revolves around a horrific creature called chimera. A chimera, is a being who has many different cells from different creatures all living in it's body at once, and can involve a human possessing mutated parts of creatures, or even other humans. The manga explores the morality of chimeras, and killing them, through the main characters' feelings as the manga progresses; eventually revealing their origin. As the public starts growing ever-suspicious, and internal struggle for control of chimera ensues in the government; the manga comes to a explosive (literally, read the manga and you'll know) end. Everything involving the chimera research is destroyed, and the main character manages to find happiness in the end, despite what she went through.

Art: 9/10
This manga is one of the better well-drawn mangas i've seen. Facial features on characters, such as the ears, nose, and mouth, are drawn in more detail. And the artist also apparently did not omit any details at all of the gore scenes you can clearly see body parts and internal body structures (like the spine if someone gets beheaded) very clearly when they are shown. Thus, i think the art is very well done for a horror manga.

Character: 8/10
Character development in this manga is decent. The main character started out as only a normal 16 year old girl, who was suddenly thrown into a mess which resulted in her foster parents' death, her own death, and then her returning to life with a strange left arm. It turns out that her left arm is actually a part of a chimera, and the government agency which captured her forces her to use it to kill and capture other chimera or she would be sentenced to death as a test subject. Through the rest of the manga, she deals with psychological issues such as her reason to keep on living, the chimera she kills actually being humans, and that she is a monster(literally, in the case of her left arm) who only serves to kill. All this is a bit too much for a normal 16 year old girl to handle, but she eventually manages to deal with it and find happiness in the end.

Enjoyment: 8/10
You'll find the most enjoyment out of this if you enjoy gore and very disgusting mutant-style monsters. But i'd say that most people will be able to enjoy this anyway. This manga has a interesting story, mystery, drama, and will keep most people wanting to read it to the end to find out everything about the situation in the manga. I also think this manga is enjoyable because it is only 19 chapters, and you won't get bored before you finish it.

Overall: 9/10
i'm not a fan of horror manga usually, but this manga had a great story. It had drama, wass concise, and kept me excited until the very end. I also liked how everything worked out end the end for aiko, even though she basically was forced to become a murderer and even though everyone she cared about died.

Great manga overall, read it if you have time, its not long.


Autor Sugimoto, Iqura