Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari review

Apr 02, 2021
Read the first vol of the Light Novel and didn't continue.
Went and read the manga adaption and fell in love.

The short version- The writing is abysmal and reads more like a shitty first draft of somebody who has never read an actual novel in their life and only reads manga.
The manga, thankfully, translates the story much better because of this and is overall a much better experience.

The full version-
As I said above, the LN reads like a poor attempt at a script for a manga. Its riddled with tropes unacceptable in the writing industry and barely tolerated in the visual medium of Manga. The writing is at the level of a junior high school kid and gave me frequent painful flashbacks to my primary school days of writing short and terrible stories about vampires and angels.
It constantly breaks genre rules (and I don't mean in an innovative or subversive way) and just honestly lacks the grace and experience to execute the relatively good story.
Its hard to quite pin point just what went wrong with this LN. The poor writing, terrible execution of ideas, the clear lack of actual knowledge of books. Maybe its all of it.

But it has potential! And we see that in the premise and eventual adaption by the manga. The mangaka is clearly an experienced artist, and takes the good elements of the story, improves upon them and then translates it into the medium it was really meant to be in. The art is gorgeous like the cover, it forgoes the unnecessary protag introduction (which was frankly so bad, it made the protagonist unlikable from the get-go, which didn't help when the entire story is about feeling bad about him and wanting him to get the better over his enemies), and executes the tropes its diseased with in a decent way.

I understand why people might prefer the LN. It uh for lack of a more polite way to say it, it gets 'to the point' really fast (somuchsoitsrushedcoughcough) and the language is simple/easy to read (meaning you aren't choked by unnecessary prose or flowery writing). The pain the protag is forced to go through is *just* enough to make you sympathise with him and root for his eventual triumph over his enemies.

But. If you actually read books regularly, then you'll likely struggle like I did to get past the frankly insulting standard of writing and execution in this LN.



Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
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