Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari review

Apr 02, 2021
Well, so far I can just say that this series is WAY better than what I've watched of the SAO series and if they ever made an anime out of it, I would totally watch it.

Art: The drawings are BEAUTIFUL, I only wish there were more so I could enjoy them on a more constant basis. The writing quality is... well... it's not the best. There are a number of typos (though that may just be the English publishers). But at least it's not unreadable.

Story: The story is fairy average. Some otaku gets dragged into another world, and he's kinda upset about it. Though this has an added twist. This otaku (the incredibly lovable and relatable Naofumi Iwatani), instead of being worshipped for his prowess in battle, he gets the worst of the four weapons (the shield), and then gets framed for a crime and turned into an outcast and is basically regarded as a criminal by everyone except his slave, Raphtalia. Though the story is also pretty obviously giving itself the opportunity to go on as long as it wants. With the whole 'we don't know how long these attacks will go on for' thing.

Character: Naofumi is an incredibly relatable and likable protagonist. He's innocent of what he's accused of, but no one will listen to him. His often declarations of hatred of the people who framed him are incredibly realistic and I know that I often think exactly the same way when thinking about people I hate. I also give them mean and offensive nicknames. Raphtalia is an incredibly important character. She's the one who gives Naofumi a reason to keep going and keep trying to protect this world where everyone hates him and thinks he's a criminal, though she starts out as his slave.

Why this is better than SAO: It's NOT A HAREM SERIES!!! Even though we have two main females and one main male and both of these females are 'subservient' to the protagonist, there is no romantic elements so far at all (keep in mind I've only read 43 chapters at the time of this writing). Naofumi repeatedly states that he is attempting to be a parental figure to both Raphtalia and Filo. And also the characters are interesting and not 1 dimensional (I do not judge those who like SAO, this is just my opinion).

I definitely recommend this series to anyone who likes Light Novels or video-game like fantasy series (so, if you like Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? you'll probably like this).


Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Autor Aneko, Yusagi