Naruto review

Apr 09, 2021
Alright, this also my first review so yeah... here I GO! I see not many people actually like this one-shot, haha I enjoyed very much!

Story 6/10

The story is meh, him being the child of the Demon fox makes sense but it just doesn't sit right with me.

I like friendship lesson and how it got trust involved.


Art 6/10

I can't be too harsh on Kishi... He was only starting out so of course so his character designs and backgrounds will not be clear.

He knew how to do perspective which was great but there is too much white going on and his lines are not crisp... not sure if it was done due to the age of the one-shot or the scan I have here but the backgrounds look rushed.

Character design is till a little bit sloppy, Naruto the main character looked out of place compared to the rest of the characters in the mountain (Konoha/ MT. Onari) and the city... Yeah, I don't like the city concept either I prefer the village for sure.

Character 9/10

It may be because I love asshole characters BUT! If Naruto was going to be a rebel... why not go full out on it? His swearing and making chaos in the village because of his mischief tendencies, I would love for shonen to somewhat unlikeable at the beginning but also seeing their point of view on the world.

Him effortlessly shapeshifting also makes sense, since he was in this Pilot a Kitsune and used his shapeshifting for evil deeds.

Him learning about friend-ship... in my opinion, it could be better done but it's a good concept instead of him to have this natural ability of making friends naturally.

Enjoyment 8/10

I like immature jokes what can I say? it fit his character in the one-shot and the underage drinking? Hell, why not?! Maybe not the greatest example but he wasn't a great example in the first place so pushing these boundaries was a good idea in my opinion... (This version of the manga would not have survived in the modern-day but it sure would be f****** fun hue hue maybe it would have been more of a Seinen then a Shōnen)

I guess it's my guilty pleasure? I love asshole characters and this Naruto was just great and as you know the jokes but then it comes the one 'so bad is so good' aspect. The art is kinda iffy to the point it's actually funny to look at because of how the anatomy is WACK and this sorta invested me in the story which the middle part was kinda boring its self and the ending serves as a wake-up call.

Overall 7/10

There are some amazing concepts and I especially like his character but as I said he would only work for a different manga with the immature jokes, definitely not Shonen.

But I liked it, I loved seeing one of favourite mangaka's work and how he started.


Autor Kishimoto, Masashi