Angel/Dust Neo review

Apr 13, 2021
Imagine the concept used in Angel Dust but written like a harem manga.

First off, I'm just writing this review because the other review didn't really went into detail with this manga except for it being incomplete.

Normally this is a sour point except for the fact that even Angel Dust is incomplete.

This just has less of a conclusive final scene. It also loses some of the yuri sweetness in the original Angel Dust but what it replaces it with is a very good short harem manga.

How good?

Let's just say since I have the torrent version, I was thinking of just reading the first chapter. (Each folder is separated by chapters)

Unfortunately the final panel always knows when to show something surprising that I ended up viewing the entire thing in one sitting.

This doesn't mean there's anything original happening though. In fact, you could say it's fairly cliche even for a harem plot twist but this is how enjoyable Neo is. It is Oh My Goddess! without the long arcs and I highly recommend anyone who has gotten some enjoyment from a general harem manga to check it out.


Angel/Dust Neo
Angel/Dust Neo
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