Log Horizon review

Apr 04, 2021
Ah, world-building, how I miss you, you magnificent beauty. Let's kiss the very ground that log horizon walks on cause this is the best of the "trapped in a game" genre we are going to get in recent years.

After the disgusting abominations that is SAO, Overlord, and all the other garbage. It is great knowing that there are still people in Japan with brains.

So, yes log horizon, it brings back the good old-school feel of a big world, a lot of factions, and intrigues, that makes you look for more. Unlike the disgusting wank-fest the rest of the LN genre had become, log horizon manage to balance its cast to make sure there isn't a gary-stu who stood out, and provide actual challenges that need to be overcome by its characters.

Plot - 7

Firm and steady, the plot moves at a slow pace with multiple plot threads moving at the same time, creating a sense of depth and influence in character actions. The adventurers are split into many factions, from home-sick fanatics, zealots, those who are trying to maintain order, and those who just hate everything. To add to the conflict the eastern and western lander's kingdoms are threatening war, while the things that are responsible for trapping the players are moving in the background causing conflict.

All these add to a very rich if slightly chaotic world.

Character - 7

If you are going to have character embody tropes, you might as well have as many as possible. It is said that quantity have a quality all on its own. Make no mistake, these are not "deep" characters, I can sum up their character in two phrases, but they are still MUCH better than the wank dolls of Overlord (Vile trash) and SAO (less Vile trash), in which I can sum up the personalities in TWO WORDS.

In short, log horizon fills it self to the brim with a bunch of characters, and try to gave all of its character some story of their own, so while the characters aren't deep, they create a great dynamic.

Overall - 8

Best of the genre in recent years, but like I said, many times, the LN market is now nothing more than a pond of spunk and retardation, so this is like beating a bunch of limbless retards at running.

Its still good, go read or watch it now.


Log Horizon
Log Horizon
Autor Touno, Mamare