Imawa no Michi no Alice review

Apr 06, 2021
Imawa no Michi no Alice, or Alice in Border Road is a spin-off/sequel to Imawa no Kuni no Alice, or Alice in Border Land. Throughout this review, when comparing/refereting one another I'll mention them as "Road" and "Land".
Alice in Border Road is a Stand-Alone story, using the story and elements set on Land and using them to create something completely new. All of the characters are different between stories, and despite using some common elements, the ideia behind Land and Road are incredibly different. In Land a couple thousand people gather every night in hopes of finishing death games to survive longer in Borderland, a destroyed Tokyo. When finishing these games they receive cards, which they don't really know the meaning of.
In Road, 12 people find themselves in a destroyed Kyoto, each with a card, and try their best to find themselves a meaning and a objective to what they are doing there.
Road can be enjoyed on it's own, but the consequences of what is happening and why are in direct consequence with the plot twist in Land, which means that if you didn't read that one first, if you read it afterwards your enjoyment may be reduced.
I wouldn't say that this story is overall better than Land, but it does have some points that I think are better. First of all, we are not introduced with a bunch of characters that are only there to be cannon fodder to whatever new game is happening. In here, the entire cast of characters are introduced from the get go, and everything that happens after that is consequence of the actions of one or more of those 12 characters. We get to see friendships be created and destroyed as characters start growing and relationships start changing, trust and doubt ever flowing between them. Other thing that you may notice is that, despite the writer being the same, the artist is different. Now I understand that some people may preffer the art in Land, but I do think that Road's art is better and more clean. It's not amazing, but it's an improvement.
Having that in mind, the single thing that can make or break this story is the characters. And it's here that I think Alice in Border Road loses the chance to be better than Land. By no means are the characters bad, but most of them are decent enough and there's enough variety in them to provide interesting interactions between them, which is the most important, but there isn't really any character that stands out as being particularly good, nor their past that interesting, which is something I did think Land had here and there.
But all in all, to simply say that Alice in Border Road is worst than Alice in Borderland is making this manga an injustice. It dared do something completely different from the original source and it was a risk that for the most part payed off, and on it's own it's a pretty entertaining manga.


Imawa no Michi no Alice
Imawa no Michi no Alice
Autor Aso, Haro