Naofumi Iwatani

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Naofumi Iwatani
Nome: Naofumi Iwatani
Age: 20
Race: Human
Country: Japan (former), Melromarc: Rock Valley
Occupation: University Student (former), Legendary Hero
Weapon: Legendary Shield

Naofumi Iwatani is the main protagonist of The Rising of the Shield Hero.

He was a university student before being summoned to another world, where he had to fight against the waves of calamity, as one of the 4 heroes summoned, the Shield Hero.

Originally, Naofumi was an extremely trusting and positive person, he was also enthusiastic about his situation when initially summoned, however his mentality changed abruplty after he was betrayed by Princess Malty.

The Princess's betrayal left him in an almost permanent state of anger and hostility, even though he masks them behind a calm and level-headed personality.

Eventually, thanks to both Raphtalia and Filo he recovers more of his caring side and begins treating Raphtalia and Filo like daughters rather than slaves.

Naofumi was forced into a duel with Motoyasu but lost due to Malty's illegal interruption. After the king proclaimed Motoyasu as the victor and forcibly
removing Raphtalia curse slave he unlocked the condition of the Curse Series.

Unlocking the Curse Series lead to Naofumi unlocking the Shield of Rage after believing Filo had died from the Zombie Dragon.
(Source: Shield-Hero Wiki)